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The Perfect Housewife

August 21, 2009

I was watching Anthea Turner’s, The Perfect Housewife on MBC 4, yesterday morning.
I was laughing as it started because there is NO-ONE on this earth that can be as pristine clean as her……….
Anyway, she really grilled the two ladies and to be honest.. well, their houses were disgusting.
BUT. She did have a few tips that even I picked up on..
When it comes to ironing, really there has to be some kind of routine..
For example, when it comes to a shirt, there should be some structure/organisation.
So, instead of maybe swirling the shirt round a few times, trying to figure out which part you have ironed and which parts you haven’t. Have an order.
1. Collar
2. Cuffs
3. Seams/Buttons
4. Front
5. Back

Normally it takes me 3-4minutes to iron a shirt properly, with this method it took me just over a minute and a half.
Another handy tip was, don’t spray the starch on the inside, spray it on the outside.