Michelle Obama and her booty shorts!

Cute Shorts
On the 18th August, Michelle Obama and family went on Vacation, passing by the Grand Canyon………………it seems her shorts have caused quite a stir…
So bloody what! What is the big deal? Seriously? Leave her alone, her breasts were covered and her butt!
Why the big deal about her shorts?
Who was she harming?
She is showing the american nation that she is normal, a normal black woman who is married to a normal black man.
It didn’t cause a stir when she wore them walking her dog Bo……………. but on holiday with her family in the Grand Canyon it is a problem? Come on.

Doesnt she look fabulous!

Doesn't she look fabulous!



  1. 1
    pobept Says:

    She is the first ‘Lady’ representing the president and the united states. I except more and BETTER from our first lady!

    • 2
      23 Says:

      Explain. What would have been more appropriate? better?

      And yes, she is a ‘lady’. Would you have preferred to see her in a skirt? mini skirt? long skirt? 3/4 length slacks?

      34% humidity in the area that she was in and it was hot.

      What is the problem?

      She is the first ‘lady’……..quite right……….’representing the president?’
      Was he ‘on duty’?
      How exactly does she ‘represent’ him?

      How exactly does her dress code reflect her husband and the situation in Iraq and the state of the American Government?

      Leave her alone.

      • 3
        pobept Says:

        Yea, righ! I see people in the DHS food stamp line dressed better than ‘our’ presidents wife!!

      • 4
        23 Says:

        I don’t think people lining up for DHS can afford Isabel Toledo, Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton.

      • 5
        23 Says:

        And……just because he is ‘your’ president’s wife……………………………doesn’t mean she is yours.

        She was on vacation….. what exactly do you not understand about that?

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