Angelina Jolie like you’ve never seen her before!

Believe it or not, above is Angelina Jolie, like you’ve never seen her before!

I came across a facebook application a few days ago, needless to say, I’ve been addicted ever since……… and no, I’m not talking about the ‘Mindjolt Games’ such as Bejewelled, Pop Pies or Bamboozled! Although, those are just as addictive! I’m talking about the ‘Yearbook Yourself’ application!

It’s hilarious!
I’ve yearbooked myself, my husband, my mum, my friends, right down to celebrities! It gives me a right old giggle.
Pictures range from 1960’s hair styles to me playing croquet in 1945- I wasn’t even born then.

If your bored and have nothing to do…check out Yearbook Yourself just upload a picture, sit back and laugh! They make fantastic avatars or profile pictures!
You can turn yourself into a man or a woman!


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